By Rabbi Menachem Davis (Author)

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Interlinear Siddur - Hebrew English Ashkenaz (Smart Siddur App Ashkenaz)

The ArtScroll Interlinear Smart Siddur - Ganz Edition Weekday Ashkenaz
By Rabbi Menachem Davis (Author)

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The ArtScroll Interlinear Siddur - now in an interactive digital format.

Descriptions don't do justice to this beautiful new "Interlinear" concept. So look at the sample page below.

Read. Recite. Pray. Understand the words - and the flow.

How much did you have to move your eye to look at the translation? Not a bit!

How long did it take you to find the the translation? No time at all!

Did it interfere with your concentration? No - it improved it! Comprehension seeps in as you pray.

The great difficulty in this kind of treatment is reading Hebrew from right to left, and English from left to right. How to keep the eye from wandering in both directions and falling prey to confusion?

Look at the page again. The arrows unobtrusively direct your eye in the right direction. It's a tested, patent-pending method - and it works!

But the syntax of Hebrew and English are different. Won't the sentences sometimes be incomprehensible? That's where the skill of the editors comes in.The comprehension is there. And wherever necessary, the commentary explains the flow of the verse.

In addition, the commentary does what you expect an ArtScroll commentary to do: it explains and clarifies.

Some examples of many extra prayers included in this edition are: Selichos for B"Ha"B and other fasts, Viduy for Erev Yom Kippur, death and bereavement texts, Bris Millah and Pidyon HaBen services, and the moving mourning prayers said when one sees Jerusalem and the site of the Holy Temples' destruction.

This new Schottenstein Interlinear Series will elevate the standards of prayer for countless Jew for generations to come.

Plus, the Digital Version has the following innovative features:

  • Classic Commentary connected to the corresponding phrases
  • Enlarge the font size for easy reading on your device! Classic ArtScroll fonts and layout can be dynamically enlarged
  • References in the commentary are hyperlinked to sources in the Talmud
  • Add your own notes, highlights and bookmarks

Product Details

Catalog # ISAEI
Format : App Digital Library
Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Release Date : 06/02/2023
Max Order Limit : 1
Prayer Book Type: Interlinear
Prayer Book Nusach: Ashkenaz
Language: Hebrew/English
Apple IOS Version: 917
Android Version: 160
Kindle Version: 160
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